Cheapest Followers

Wild Insta Bonus – Cheapest Followers

This is the Bonus part of the Wild Insta Course called “Cheapest Followers”. And it’s all about advertising, which is an important method of promoting your content. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

Wild Insta Part Bonus  – Cheapest Followers

All right, what’s up guys? So here is what I’m currently doing that is helping me grow a lot faster and something recently that I’ve learned to help grow your following significantly quicker. What we’re looking at is, this is the Facebook ads manager. So to do this, you should probably have a Facebook ad account and a business manager account for Facebook.

This will allow you to advertise through Instagram because Facebook owns Instagram. But here’s something that I recently learned. This helped me grow. I think I grew, let me see. I grew about 400 followers in a day. Using this, obviously, I spent $44 to do that. But, it will essentially compound, the next time I spend, you know, $40 or whatever, I’ll get even more followers because what I’m doing is testing.

So here’s what I did is basically I took a creative, meaning like a photo. I took five different short photos and videos and basically tested them against one another. I don’t actually have them anymore in here, but I made these five different, um, kind of creatives, and I tested them with, um, one ad, uh, only like two or $3 each.

Wild Insta P-13: Advertisement

And I found the creative, the ad, the photo that would get me the most clicks over to my account. Okay. And then I took that. And what I did is I set up these, these are called assets, and basically, I took that ad, which ended up being this right here.  Let’s see if we can, go in here and look at it.

So it’s this, it’s this little thing. Okay? It’s all photos follow from our photos. And so what I was taught was basically what you do is you do sponsor posts, but you do them in story form, um, and you do them to cheap countries. So here’s a list of all the cheap countries. Okay. And basically, I targeted only those countries.

Okay. And then what I did is I found interests that, uh, might be interested in what I produce. So for me, that’s photography. So what, let me take you through the creation period and what that kinda looks like. So I’m going to duplicate this, okay.

So that’s the name of the creative, how much I spent, um, the interest. And, uh, this is basically all cheap countries and it targeted only men from 18 to 24. And I did that because those are the kinds of people that are more likely to follow me. And, and let’s see here. So. A deliver type website, optimize for link clicks.

Um, and I get charged impressions. That’s all well and good. I’m daily budget of $ 10 is what I started that. Um, and then in the audience section, I said everyone in this location and I pasted basically all those places that are cheap countries, 18 to 24-year-old men, uh, who speak English. And, um, for this target audience I did photography.

But if I wanted to find more than my relay, I can hit suggestions and it will come up with other different options as well. And then I go to edit placements and I do mobile, and then I turn off all of these. And I only have it on Instagram and Instagram story ads. And then basically when I go into the, um, creative, where is it here.

Uh, exit out of that, close it, um, Oh, that didn’t close it all the way. Basically, if I go into the creative here, um, basically I have it, set it up for my Instagram account. I have an ad name. Um, and then what I do is for the website. I just put a link to my Instagram account, but that doesn’t really matter because I don’t want people to swipe up.

I want people to click on my little name and go to my account that way. So essentially, let’s, uh, go back out over here, close out of this, describe the draft. Okay. So basically what all these are is I did further testing. So just like I told you, I had five different creatives that I all tested, and this was the one that got me the most clicks.

Wild Insta P-9: How Content Is Tested By IG

Um, I tried this. The only difference in all of these is the interests, the audience interest. So this is photography, this image editing, this digital photography, travel, photography, portrait photography. I picked five different interests that, um, might get me the best clicks over. And the winters are, um, travel, photography, and photography just in general.

But this is the cheapest. Okay. So I’m probably going to go with this, but let me look at a couple of other factors as well. Cause link clicks are not really what. We’re looking at, uh, clicks is what we’re actually looking at because clicks are how many people actually clicked onto my account because link clicks means they swiped up or clicks means they could have clicked on to my account and I’m actually looked at my page.

So clicks, um, cost per click, or cost about a penny per person that clicks on my page. That’s pretty good. Um, the cost per CPM is the cost per mile. How much it costs to reach a thousand people. This is my cheapest one. Meaning this is, uh, my least competitive one. Basically, there’s not a lot of other people targeting, so it’s pretty cheap.

Um, CTR, click-through rate. It means the percentage of people that see this ad and decide to click. Uh, on the ad, how many people reached and how many times people saw, um, the ad. So most people only saw it once. And then what I’m going to do here is I’m going to go to, cause this is my winning one. Um, because this is the cheapest one, it reached the most.

It got the most clicks. So I’m going to cancel all these Oxford, just cancel them right now cause I don’t need to use these anymore cause this is my winner. So if I want to spend more of a budget, I’m going to spend it on this one. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to break down by delivery and I’m going to go to the region and I’m going to look at.

Wild Insta P-15: Just Test

Um, all of these areas to find what areas got me the most results. So these are the ones that got me the worst results, the most results, and I’m going to find out the ones that were the cheapest, and I’m going to take a lot of those top places. So all of these places, maybe any the ones that only cost a penny, and, um, I’m going to.

When I create a duplicate version, I’m going to explain it to take off all the other ones, and I’m only going to include the places that were the cheapest, um, and got me the cheapest cost per result. And that is essentially going to, um, help me maximize my budget next time. And now, you know, the more money you spend, obviously, the more you get out of it, and the more you’ll learn.

But, I’m going to look at all of these. I’m going to see, um, what had the most click-through rate, meaning what areas were most interested? Like this place right here. Um, let’s see. Third, going down deli. Um, when I spent the money on almost double, the number of people would click onto my page, um, from, from that, so.

That is essentially my winning audience. And the reason why this is so good is that almost nobody is targeting, um, Instagram story ads right now. So it’s incredibly cheap. So I can reach, you know, two, three, four times as many people with, uh, the same budget as before. And as long as I’m just looking at my results, and then when I create, you know, duplicate ad and I’d go in and.

Choose only the places that were the cheapest, had the highest click-through rate that the lowest cost per click, then I will essentially be able to maximize my budget. So what I can do here now is I could, oops

over here. Mmm salts. And so what I can, I can do is essentially just unclick all of these areas. I’m just gonna like do this for you guys, so you guys can kind of see how this goes.

Can we get all of these at?

Okay, so now we’re gonna. I am actually gonna change it to everybody who lives in, these areas. Soma, rah, shh. Uh, uh. Okay, boom. And then, um, let’s see here. CTR, but low. That’s all right. You’re all good.

Okay. Okay. And. Daily. Mmm Uh, uh,

I’m just taking you guys through it so you guys can see for yourself everything that I’m doing. Mmm. I mean, John, now that was kind of, that’s pretty expensive. Mmm. Let’s see. What else is pretty cheap? Cairo. Egypt was really cheap. There are places where people were most interested. And then, uh, one place just, I know that is, um, great from my personal experience is Algiers. It’s super cute. Super cheap.

Cool. So I’m going to do these. These are my cheapest, most interested people, and then I’m going to go back in here. This is a good man who speaks English photography because that was my winning, winning one. All the placements are good. And, um, and then I’m going to do a quick test and I’ll hit publish and then I’ll load up and it will be added.

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And that’s it. That’s all you gotta do. Just set up a little bit of a creative, maybe I can bring this up, my different creatives. So.

Okay. So here are the different creatives that I tested. So these are just like little videos and I all tested to see which one would give me the most engagements. And uh, this little boomerang was the one. Yeah. Okay. Got me the most clicks over. And so that’s what I used. Anyways, guys, I hope this has been super helpful and helps you guys grow your Instagram account.

It took about $40 to get about 400 followers, so about $10 for a hundred. Um, that seems to be how it works. And, um, that will probably compound as you learn more about the people and where to advertise to. And. Um, maybe you find other good creatives or even better creatives, um, that will work even better. And then, you know, from there you just start scaling and you can decide how much money you want to put in and what kind of results you’ll get back.

But anyway, guys, I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your day and I hope this helps. Peace.

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