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What are the top content marketing trends in 2020?

Content marketing trends are changing rapidly in response to the global situation in 2020. A growing number of online businesses are looking to stand out with their quality content. And leveraging your own to engage more users with yesterday’s methods is no longer enough. What kind of content, platform, and features will give you the best exposure? Below you will find top content marketing trends that will help you to stay afloat. 

Expanding Reach Through Podcasts  

Every year in the US alone, the number of podcast listeners increases by 20 million, according to Statista

Reach Through Podcasts

This new content marketing trend proves to be fertile soil for the exposure of eCommerce companies.  One of the most popular niches on the platform is digital marketing podcasts specializing in coaching online entrepreneurs. 

If you are ready to consistently share content from your field of expertise that is both informative and inspiring, it’s an excellent time to dive into podcasting. 

Inspiring User-Generated Content 

Word of mouth is still a much more powerful influence than an advertisement. Research shows that 92% of users would trust the recommendations of other people over branded promotion. This is where user-generated content (content posted by unpaid users) becomes a great tool of influence, especially with younger generations. User-generated content, represented by posts, comments, reviews, testimonials, etc., is typically a contribution where independent customers share their personal experience with a product. 

User-Generated Content

A classic example of the user-generated content type of marketing is Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. Customers would find a coke with their name on it, take a picture with the bottle and share it on social media. 

This rapidly developing trend is an opportunity for your brand to inspire viral content while keeping marketing cost-efficient and stand out in the niches with high competition. 

Targeting Google Snippets 

The zero-click search is skyrocketing. With SERP snippets answering a user’s question, clicking links become less and less necessary. One of the solutions to this is to get your content featured in the snippet itself. 

Google Snippets

Targeting “How to…” questions, using long-tail keywords highly related to your niche, being brief and precise – all of these strategies will increase chances for your content to appear in the snippet. 

Plus, keep in mind that now your content should satisfy both groups: those who read snippets only and others who would be convinced enough to seek expert advice by clicking your link.

Adjusting Content to Voice-Activated Features   

Another content marketing trend in 2020 is dictated by the growing demand for content optimized for voice-activated features in our gadgets. 

The key to successful content optimization is to analyze patterns of voice search. People use words differently when they speak versus when they type. 

Going deeper into this subject will help you with the two most essential aspects of voice-activated content:  creating more relevant headlines and incorporating long-tail keywords.   

One of the tips for this trend is to create texts that are useful and likable but simple in style – with shorter phrases and not so sophisticated choice of words.   

Generating More Videos and Live-Stream Content 

Online users tend to give preference to videos over written text. For broader reach and more audience engagement, it is primal to get ample exposure on visual-oriented platforms. 

Live-Stream Content

Uploading videos on Facebook, YouTube,  LinkedIn, Vimeo have the potential for more engagement time, whereas Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok provide a suitable space for potentially viral content. 

Webinars, Q&A sessions, online tutorials, and product demos are successful tools for live-streaming marketing and generating warm to hot traffic. 

Incorporating Chatbots 

Chatbots are another progressive content marketing trend that eCommerce businesses are happy to follow. They are an excellent tool for conversational marketing that can immediately grab users’ attention and keep them engaged, bringing downtime to a minimum. 

Incorporating Chatbots

When it comes to learning information about your customer, a chatbot can save you expenses, time, and energy on collecting data about your target audience and yet manage to create an effect of personalized service through conversation.  

Pioneering in Augmented Reality 

Still entirely new on the market and utilized only by few businesses, augmented reality offers your brand vast potential to stand out. 

The majority of gadgets that are being used today are adaptable for AR software. It is only up to companies whether or not to benefit from the opportunity by investing in this content marketing trend. 

One successful example here is the Ikea Palace app, which shows customers how a selected piece of furniture would look in their homes.  

Consider becoming one of the AG pioneers and possible ways of integrating it into your eCommerce procedures

Researching these content marketing trends in depth and following all or several of them will give you a significant advantage over more traditional online businesses, especially if you’re working in saturated niches. Which one of the trends resonates with your business the most?