Wild Insta P-2: Use The Attraction

This is one of the pieces from the Wild Insta Course. It is the transcription of the audio file which you can listen to below.

All right. Now that we understand that social media is kind of like one big illusion, the next thing we should talk about is attraction and several forms of attraction. See, when creating your page and understanding your brand, you have to see your page as an attraction. Okay. Like a carnival. That is an attraction.

PT Barnum was a really great example of somebody who really knew how to attract a crowd. He would. Ride an elephant through the streets to showcase that he was in town with his circus. Doing things that get attention and build attraction to what you have going on is incredibly important.

Building attraction in some way or another. This could be attraction such as people just being interested in you. If you’re a model attraction is going to be very powerful. And one thing you want to make sure that you refrain from doing is that if you do choose to be a model. And go with, you know, that form of attraction.

You want to be careful about breaking that illusion of attraction. I see a lot of people who will grow a following, but then they start posting photos with their boyfriend or with their girlfriend, and then they start to lose a lot of followers because a lot of those people are under the illusion that maybe one day in some alternate universe.

They can be with you, and if you break that sort of attraction, you’re going to lose a lot of followers. That’s just something that ends up happening. But also treating your account as some sort of, you know, interesting event that’s going on nonstop. Interesting things. Think about your page is a big old carnival, big goal of traction of some form.

All right? On top of that form of attraction and thinking of your page as some sort of attraction. I want to talk about the law of attraction. Now, the law of attraction is another thing that you should put into effect when you’re growing your page. And there’s a lot of information about this, so I’m not going to go into super, you know, complete detail.

Law of attraction essentially States that you become what you think about. You become the things and thoughts and feelings that you choose to reproduce every single day. All right. No, that’s super helpful. Uh, in terms of manifesting what it is you’d like because it helps get you into the mindset of its achievement.

Okay. And here’s what I mean by that. All right? Because when you start thinking about things, it actually starts to change the way you think about things and the things that you see. When you change how you think about things and you change why you’re thinking about your actions and what you notice in your perceptions change in total.

I want to give you a quick example of this. You’re going to use a part of your brain right now called the reticular activating system. All right? I want you to close your eyes and I want you to think about the color red. All right. Think about red, red, red, red. Now when I say go, you’re going to open your eyes and you’re going to look around for everything that’s red.

Okay? All right. Go for it. Look around. Look for as many things you can that are red and red, red, red, and now close your eyes again. All right. Now try to recount in your head how many things you saw that were blue. It’s going to be kind of difficult. Huh? You can’t really remember how many things you saw that were blue, maybe one or two, but it was definitely not, not as many things you saw that red.

Okay. The main reason being, it’s because of your focus. All right? Now, if you open your eyes and you look around, you’re going to see plenty of things that are probably blue is wow. You’d be like, Oh, that was blue and that was blue and that was blue. It might take you a second to make that kind of shift into blue before you start seeing the blue everywhere, but you’ll start to notice that that is there too.

Now, the same thing goes with anything that whatever we focus on, we will notice everywhere we go and we will be blinded. Buy that thing incapable of seeing the other things just as we saw or read if at the end of our days people asked us ”Oh, did you see anything blue today?” You might be like, no, I don’t really recall anything that or anything that was blue, but you probably saw thousands of things that were blue, but you were too focused on red.

Now. The real-world application of this is sometimes we think very negatively depressing thoughts of failure, thoughts of we’re not growing, how we like to, or whatever it is. And when doing that, we begin to focus on that and find more examples in the world of why we’re failing, why we’re not doing good, why we should continue to be depressed, and therefore we perpetuate that state of mind.

Because that’s where our focusing on. But. You very quickly in your brain, you shifted from thinking about red to thinking about blue, and within a matter of seconds, you began to see blue again. It didn’t take long years of therapy and it didn’t take some sort of, you know, big life-changing speech. It just took a second of you thinking about red and then changing to think about blue.

Okay. Same thing goes with happy and positive thoughts. When you stop thinking negatively and about failure and you begin thinking about success and wellbeing and attracting the following that you want, when you begin thinking about all the followers that you want to get, you will begin noticing things out in nature and opportunities.

To gain more followers and to gain whatever it is you’d like out of life. So if you start focusing on that, not only are you going to recognize opportunities as they come up, but your brain will start generating ideas on how to do it. I remember when I sat down, uh, with one influencer, they really wanted to work for this company.

They had that, that company had a huge following and they were just getting started. This influencer was just getting started. And I said, all right, I want you to focus on working only with them. Focus on them. Okay. And they only had about 2000 followers at the time, and they focused only on them. They began ordering their clothes, taking photos in their clothes, posting on their stories and on their feed and tagging that brand, commenting all the on all the brands, photos and messaging them doing everything they could to get their attention and create the kind of content that they like to post and posting it themselves.

After about a month. They finally re-posted her and then they reposted her again and then they reposted her again. And then again, and they kept doing it and she started gaining, you know, three thousand four thousand five thousand followers every time. More and more and more because she was focusing on getting in with this company and that company helped her reach her first 20 K because they were huge.

I mean, there are millions and millions of followers and she started gaining followers very quickly. Off of that. Because she focused on something and began to see all the opportunities and have that mindset. So when you start thinking about what it is you want and understand it completely, as we talked about earlier, you begin to attract those things in your life, not just because of some amazing, magical, nebulous, you know, universe of law, of attraction, but also your brain totally shifts to start thinking in a different way and start searching for opportunities in a different way.

Okay. I remember one morning I was sitting out in Laguna Beach and I was brainstorming, you know, photo ideas that would get over 10,000 likes. I was only getting about a thousand likes at a time a proposed, and I was brainstorming ideas. Later that day I was out shooting and I shot a photo and that photo is my first photo ever to break 10,000 likes.

And it was amazing. But what happened was I had in my brain photos that get 10,000 likes, and therefore I began to recognize and think differently when I was out on that shoot. That act is called priming. Priming is the act of preparing your mind for what you’re about to do and for the best-case scenario.

In doing so, when you begin thinking about the outcome you want. You are highly more likely to achieve that outcome or achieve near that outcome by thinking about it beforehand, brainstorming things or watching videos that have to do with that outcome. Uh, obviously the reverse is true too. If you’re always walking around thinking of the worst-case scenario and what happens if then you’re more likely to.

Manifest and increase your chances of that happening. Maybe not because of some magnetic force that’s attracting that circumstance to you, but you will unconsciously sabotage yourself. You will accidentally say something or you’ll take an action just subconsciously, you know, unintentionally that will cause that result to unfold.

You don’t even know you’re doing it because it’s having happening on a subconscious level and it’s the way you’ve been. Programming your mind and priming your mind beforehand before the act. So before we really begin and get really deep into it, attraction is something important to understand about social media.

You want to be attracting people to your page, like, you know, a circus or a carnival. You know, getting people to step right up and, and come and follow along on your journey. So being attractive in one way or another. Whether that means, you know, having. You know, a good figure or having an attractive brand or having an attractive, you know, style.

Uh, that doesn’t mean, you know, just sexy. That also can mean many, many, many different things, you know, flashy. It could be anything, something that attracts us to it. And I’ll go a lot more in detail later down the road as we, as we dial in, what kind of things we should post and how our image should look.

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