Tips To Dominate Hashtags

4 Tips To Dominate Hashtags: Part 2.

Tips To Dominate Hashtags: Yesterday in my stories I was debunking a famous Instagram myth (about the number of hashtags to use)

I noticed that a lot of my audience was struggling with hashtags and decided to make this post featuring 8 tips that should help you out

I know that hashtags can be frustrating, but stick through it as the rewards can be worth it!

1. Find hashtags for different content formats

Each type of content, rubric, etc. needs its own hashtags, which is absolutely logical. For example, if you have content about food, then hashtags about technology are unlikely to work for you. Naturally, there are unique hashtags, but they will bring less coverage.

2. Don’t use hashtags in stories in bio

Some people don’t like to use too many hashtags in their stories because it can detract from the content itself or clutter up the image/video with too much text. The simple answer to this question is to hide hashtags in the content, meaning they will still work, but they won’t be clickable or visible.

3. Update your hashtags as you grow

As new audiences grow, your content becomes more relatable. You also have statistics on your hashtag activity and can replace irrelevant links with new ones. Focus on the new interests of your audience by changing and adding to the hashtag cloud, because the content doesn’t standstill.

4. Don’t copy/paste hashtags from competitors

Don’t copy competitors’ hashtags exactly. Sure, checking out what your competitors are using is a way to get a head start on hashtag research, but don’t trust them as experts. Stand out, be unique, and choose tags for YOUR business and YOUR audience.

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