Tips for successful TikTok influencer marketing campaign

Tips for successful TikTok influencer marketing campaign in 2020

TikTok influencer marketing campaigns showed amazing results in eCommerce this year. Audience engagement proves to go viral easier than on any other platform. Impressed by his fact, more and more brands reach out to TikTok creators to inspire the app users to buy their products online. Are you looking to be among the first ones to boost your business with this strategy? Learn how to choose the right TikTok influencer for partnering and evaluate the success of your campaign here.   

TikTok, an app that allows you to create and share 15-second videos, is expected to be the number one social media platform by the end of 2020. Increasingly popular, it has the potential to win millions of views in short periods and provides handy features for those interested in using it for eCommerce. It’s tempting for any brand to jump right in and try bringing new clients to their website. Before you do, consider using these tips to leverage this new powerful tool. 

Tip 1. Make sure your TikTok influencer marketing campaign is attractive to your target customers  

Review the age group for your brand. Up to 41% of all TikTok users are people aged between 16 and 24. And only a small percentage of the app’s audience is over 30 years old.  Make sure that whatever it is you’re trying to promote via TikTok, it will be appealing to the dominant age group. For example, if you’re in the fashion and makeup business, teaming up with an influencer on the platform might be a winning idea.   

Keep your sponsored video casual. To resonate with young TikTok’s audience, your brand-inspired content should look nothing like a traditional advertisement. It’s essential to leave a lot of interpretation freedom to the creator you collaborate with. The more authentic a sponsored post appears, the more engagement it gets among the users.

Choose the type of your campaign. The three most popular content types on TikTok are user-launched challenges, dance routines, and duets. All three inspire other users to participate through recreating the original and are highly engaging. Ensure that your promo post looks organic not only with your product but also with the type of content your chosen influencer provides. 

Work on a catchy hashtag. Your sponsored post will have a dedicated hashtag related to the TikTok challenge, generated by your partner influencer. Ideally, to make your video viral, you would want this hashtag to appear on the Discover page among the trending ones. Following your hashtag will also help you monitor the audience’s engagement throughout your TikTok influencer marketing campaign. Think of a hashtag that stands out.  

Tip 2. Use Creators Marketplace to choose the right influencer for your brand 

Get on the Creator Marketplace to connect with popular influencers. TikTok’s Creator Marketplace is a marketing platform designed for businesses looking for creators to participate in their campaigns. Once you’ve requested access and received approval, you can explore the list of suitable candidates and analyze their profile statistics applying various filters. Note that these individuals will be the most popular creators. If you’re looking for smaller niche influencers, try contacting them directly through their Instagram or other social media linked to their user’s profile. 

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace

Check filters that matter for your brand promotion. When choosing a partner for your TikTok influencer marketing campaigns, it’s not sufficient to consider only their number of followers. The reach on the platform stretches way beyond that digit, and it is far more effective to analyze if the audience data on the creator’s profile matches your idea of your target customers. Examine where the audience is based, their gender and age statistics, if they use Android or iOS, etc. Note, there’s also an “eCommerce anchor” filter that shows you which influencers are authorized to put links to products on their profiles. 

Scrutinize a chosen creator’s profile. When exploring your candidate’s profile statistics, pay attention to their audience usage data. It shows you how many of the creator’s followers are currently active on TikTok. Give priority to someone with a high percentage of active users to ensure the biggest reach of your sponsored video. Another preference would be choosing an influencer that shows consistent long-term performance on TikTok over a highly popular one whose posts became viral recently.  The former would be more trusted and thus influential among his or her followers. Here you can also check if your candidate participated in any sponsored videos before and estimate their quality to help you decide on your possible collaboration.   

Tip 3. Try Pentos to evaluate the effect of your TikTok influencer marketing campaign

Subscribe to Pentos for insight on your potential TikTok partners. Pentos is a TikTok analytic platform that allows you to follow statistics of any profile, video, hashtag, or a song. It gives you much more detailed data and is especially helpful if you want to work with niche influencers not represented on the Creators Marketplace. Also, unlike Creators Marketplace, Pentos shows you metrics of an account starting from its opening and not only over a recent month. The data includes the most important statistics from the average engagement rate to the most frequently used hashtags. Pentos packages range from €29/month to €999/month with a 14-day free trial.   

Monitor competition and trends. Pentos has a feature of tracking individual videos’ performance by submitting their URL. It gives you an insight into the video’s progress showing the dates when the video went viral and when its popularity started to decline. This tool helps you track both the posts of your campaign and those sponsored by competitors. Analyzing similar trending videos, you can get ideas on what makes a video viral and use them for your next promotions. 

Remember those catchy hashtags? Keep track of them.  Suppose you’re going for the TikTok influencer marketing campaign using branded hashtag challenges. In that case, Pentos hashtag tracking can be a powerful tool for analyzing the life cycle of your creator’s sponsored video and the impact it had on the promotion. And one more strategic tip. When Pentos statistics signals that the wave of your hashtag popularity goes down, try rekindling the trend by engaging other influencers. 

With its high potential to generate viral content and influence users, TikTok deserves your utmost attention for eCommerce. The strategies described above will help you kickstart your marketing on this growing platform to create a flow of new customers to your online store