Instagram Reels Ideas

7 Faceless Instagram Reels Ideas

I’ve long wondered how people start using Reels and what can be posted there consistently at all. And today I was lucky enough to come across a post about it. Please check out these simple and ingenious Instagram Reels Ideas.

You may not feel comfortable showing your face on camera. But you still want to take advantage of Reels. Fear not, I’m with you. In this post, I’ll show you 7 Faceless Instagram Reels Ideas you can try today.

List of Websites

Instagram Reels Ideas
  • Start with a headline by recording your screen with your phone.
  • Show each website on your screen.

Step-by-step tutorial

  • Record your phone screen with the app.
  • Add a voice-over for step-by-step activities.


  • Draw a diagram on your laptop/tablet.
  • Explain the diagram with a voice-over.

Day in the life

  • Start with a header + wake-up call.
  • Go through your normal routine.

Behind the scenes

  • Show the process behind creating your content + the work.
  • Add a voice commentary.

Compile your best tips

  • Share your best tips for the month by showing your posts.
  • Add commentary for further context.

Tell a story with a photo montage

  • Create a story based on your photos or stock images.

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