How To Scale The Online Store Right From The Start

How To Scale The Online Store Right From The Start

Nowadays, knowing a way of doing business through the Internet is a very profitable thing.

But to do so, you should keep in mind that you should implement the scaling strategy once you’ve started. Here are some must-known tips which you can use to achieve the result.


The Dream Partner Approach

It is known that you need to use all kinds of resources and tools to grab the attention of your potential customers in order them to visit your online store. The Dream Partner approach significantly speeds up this process because of the consistency of driving traffic to your store.

Fundamental of this approach is finding 50 to 100 popular, experienced, and influential representatives (aka “influencers”) who specialize specifically in your market niche: sports, products, women’s clothing, etc. They should present your products/services to their broad audience later.

After you select a bunch of such influencers, it will be necessary to decide which way of promotion is more appropriate in terms of your brand messaging. Basically, there are two ways of interacting with them:

1) The Working Way

2) The Buying Way

The first way requires your personal efforts and patience. Namely, it is necessary to interest potential influencers in all possible ways. It can be cold calling, direct messaging, emailing, etc. Here you need to pull them into some kind of collaboration – I’ll do for you, you’ll do for me (kinda bartering); a freebie of your stuff – asking for a sincere review. Or something like that – you’ve got the point, right?

The second way is a bit easier in terms of effort, but yet more expensive for sure. Just get in touch through any channel (usually, there’s an email address for business needs in the bio) and just consider the right price and pay them for promoting your product/service to their audience. It may be anything – an Instagram post or a banner ad on their website, whatever.

So, the good question here would be – is there any other way to collaborate with influencers without the need to invent the wheel trying to reach an agreement without money (aka bartering) or just straight-paying lots (usually) of cash?

Oh YES – there is such a way!


Make Your Affiliate Program

Affiliates or Joint Venture (JV) Partners are the juiciest fellows of your business. Why? Because you don’t have to pay anything upfront! How it works? Well, if everything on the backend is set up properly – it’s pretty simple then – you just provide a unique link to each of your JVs (like the influencers mentioned above) and while their audience goes by that link to your store and buy something – the partner gets the commission. Pretty cool, right?

But there are a few things to mention:

  • You need a really good fit – this means that your product/service should definitely fit the needs or wants their audience
  • You should provide a good commission because nobody likes greedy partners
  • You should set up all the backend stuff – like affiliate area where your JVs can get their links, track the commissions, and get all the needed materials about the product/service they’ll be promoting.

So, while two first points are up to you, we can definitely help you with the third one.

Ok, so now, when you know the secret sauce for scaling up your online store right from the very start – just let us help you to cook it properly! Click the link below to learn more about our offerings – they’re sweet – even a free start is possible! So don’t wait – click the link!