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Here is how I grow new accounts to 1k

If you don’t know how to grow new account from scratch, here’s a great step-by-step tutorial to help you make the most of your time and reach a loyal 1K audience.

1. Optimising my positioning

To make sure people see your profile the way you want to be seen answer these questions.

  • What is the one thing I excel/want to excel at? (This is your market)
  • Who needs to hear about me in order to grow my business? (This is your audience)
  • Who are the people already helping my audience? (These are your competitors)
  • What is something people often compliment me on? (This is your unique positioning)

2. Optimizing my profile

Knowing your positioning you can now implement it in your profile – branding your profile picture – and making sure it is visible in small sizes.

  1. Including keywords in your headlines.
  2. Making your handle short and easy to type.
  3. Including 3-5 highlights giving more info about yourself.
  4. Focusing on the benefits of following you and including a CTA in your bio.
  5. As well as utilizing the different alternative feeds suck as guides, shops, filters, reels, igtv, etc.

3. List of accounts

  • Create a list of accounts in your market (this will be used for 5 step)
  • Big accounts (25k+ followers)
  • Medium accounts (5-25k followers)
  • Small accounts (1-5k followers)

Pick 5 perfect accounts wich:

  • Post consistently (3+times a week)
  • Have a good amount of comments per post (50+)
  • Their tribe best represents your target audience

4. Researcing content

You need to properly research the content which performs well on Instagram in your market. Check for viral posts in:

  • Explore pages
  • Hashtag pages
  • Top SFY Accounts

5. Engagement Strategy

Break your engagement in two:

Spontaneous Engagement:

  • Turn post notifications for all accounts.
  • When they post – comment within in 1st hour.
  • If there is a pinned comment – comment under it as well.

Planned engagement:

  • Comment on the post of your 5 dream accounts.
  • Visit the profile of the other people who commented.
  • Interact with them by leaving 1-3 pieces of engagement.
  • Repeat this 4-8 times through the day (15 minutes each)

6. Content Strategy

We need to growth-oriented content formats:

  • Reels – combined attention
  • Single images – hashtag attention
  • Carousels – Explore page attention

Try to post daily:

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