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5 minute hashtag strategy

Greetings, marketers!

Today on Instagram, I managed to get some concise and very useful information about hashtags for you. This guy is an excellent information-giver.

Hashtags can be a great source of attention, especially for smaller Instagram accounts

Even though they might not work as effectively for carousels

They can still help you reach more of a mainstream audience

Steal the hashtag strategy that I use for years on my clients

I use Flick Tech for my hashtag research and monitoring but you can use the Instagram app as well (it just takes more time)

Step 1. Search Keywords

Start with generic keywords than specific

Marketing – Digitak Marketing

Business – Online business

Step 2. Filter Your Hashtags

Use filters to only show #`s matching your average engagement.

Step 3. Check Hashtag Content

Make sure the content posted on hashtag matches your content.

Step 4. Avoid Useless Hashtag

Avoid the following hashtags:

banned hashtags: banned by Instagram due to high amount of irrevant posts.

dead hashtags: no recent posts in the top 9 (1 mounth+ old posts).

spam hashtags: #follow4follow, #like4like.

Step 5. Repeat step 1-4 until you get 3-5 sets with 30 hashtags using this blueprint.

  • 5 small hashtags: 20% lower engagement.
  • 20 average hashtags: some engagement.
  • 5 big hashtags: 20% higher engagement.


I get 1500-2500 likes per post so my hashtag sizes should be:

  • 5 small hashtags: 1000 likes.
  • 20 average hashtags: 1500-2500 likes.
  • 5 big hashtags: 3000 likes.

I hope this information was as helpful as it was to me. Thanks to his post, I made adjustments to my Instagram posts. By the way, subscribe to DGTLONE and to @marketingharry.

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