30 Day Growth Strategy

30 Day Growth Strategy

Hi there!

Have you been looking for a long time to implement your plans in social networks, but do not understand from which side to approach? Having trouble figuring out the priorities of your tasks?

Here’s a proven 30 Day Growth Strategy that will walk you step-by-step from A to Z. So check it out!

Growing up on social media can be confusing…

Especially if you’re just starting out.

That’s why I’ve developed this day-by-day growth strategy for you.

By using it, you’ll be able to grow with a clear understanding of what your next step will be.

Day 0. Preparation

Before you get started, you need to determine your audience, content and positioning.

  1. What do I want to be known for?
    (This is your positioning.)
  2. What kind of people do I want to work with?
    (This is your audience.)
  3. What are the issues of my ideal clients?
    (This is your content).

Day 1-7. First Steps

  1. Create a content plan and stick to it. (You don’t have to post daily.)
  2. Make a list of similar accounts.
  3. Start interacting with the list of accounts.
  4. Start posting posts according to your content plan.

Day 7-14. Experiment with content

You need information on what content formats work.

Try carousels, single images, and videos to test their effectiveness – pick two winners.

Day 14-21. Building Relationships

  1. Try to be the first to comment on new posts by your industry leaders.
  2. Respond to their stories.
  3. Join in with their lives.
  4. Don’t spam their DMs, be considerate and respectful.

Day 21-28. Collaborate

Collaborate with people you’ve interacted with in the last 7 days. Get ideas for potential collaborations from their viral posts.

Day 28-30. Analyze what worked and do it again.

  1. Move on to the hamburger icon.
  2. Insights
  3. The content you shared.
  4. Sort by last 30 days + interact with posts
  5. Repeat the best post

I recommend that you take advantage of these free and practical tips. They will definitely help you with your social media plans, because the person who came up with it and shared it with us is a genius in the world of social media marketing. Try it and you will succeed.

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