1 Hour To Grow On Social Media

If I Only Had 1 Hour To Grow On Social Media

Greetings, marketers!

Found a very interesting marketing experiment/challenge: 1 Hour To Grow On Social Media. This guy calculated the minimum time he would need to implement his marketing strategy, below will be detailed with his examples:

Ain’t nobody got hours to spend on Instagram trying to grow daily.

And you shouldn’t have to waste so much time just to see results.

Here is my strategy to grow with minimal time investment:

So we have 60 minutes a day to grow on social media:

15/60 Content creation

15 minutes: Batching and scheduling content.

30/60 Cold Engagement

15 minutes: Leaving comments on viral posts and big accounts in my industry.

45/60 Warm Engagement

15 minutes: Replying to comments/DMs/story mentions.

50/60 Studying Insights

5 minutes: Looking at the best performers during the last month.

55/60 Setting Up Collabs

5 minutes: Following my most recent post to set-up banger collabs.

60/60 Look For Viral Content

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